Hardest Quest is started by me, Niel Malhotra.

The purpose of Hardest Quest is as simple as it is difficult: To try and find out if there’s life after death.

I named this site/organization Hardest Quest because it tries to attempt the hardest quest that humans face: What happens after we die? Also, I had the domain for hardestquestion [dot] com, but I forgot to renew it and it got snatched up by someone else. I wasn’t using the domain at the time, so it wasn’t a huge deal.

I have two methods of searching for life after death:

  1. By using meditation to explore inwards. I’ve done a 30 day meditation retreat and meditate daily. I’ve had some interesting experiences but nothing too out of the ordinary. People throughout the ages have explored inwards, that’s why I’m spending some of my time on meditation.
  2. By investigating miracles and other unexplainable phenomenon. That’s the major purpose of Hardest Quest: To see if these miracles are real.

Here are some of the phenomena that I expect to investigate:

  • Alternative forms of healing like qigong and reiki
  • Texts and methods to predict the future
  • Reincarnation recollection by children
  • Near-death experiences
  • Much, much more

My hope is to show the existence of phenomena that we can’t explain by the physical world. That would prove there is more to existence than the physical realm.

I know this field is filled with charlatans and fakes. That’s okay. I’m not naive. I’m a rational and skeptical person, but I figure that someone has to do hard scientific research on if these phenomena are real.

I’ve searched for people doing something like this, but I haven’t quite found people doing what I’m doing. That’s why I started Hardest Quest.

It’s possible that this will be a huge waste of my time and money. That there are no true unexplainable “miracles”. That’s okay! Someone ought to do this work, and I volunteer my time to do it.

Right now, I’m going to be creating content to raise awareness of Hardest Quest. Eventually, I will be using my own money and crowd funding to launch research into verifying or debunking these phenomena.

The way I plan on putting my own money into Hardest Quest and feeding myself is through my company Growista. Growista helps drive traffic and leads for other companies. Technically, Hardest Quest is a subset of Growista.

My thinking is that Hardest Quest is a way for me to practice my traffic and conversion skills. Also, I want to eventually help nonprofits as part of my work on Growista.

If you have any questions or any suggestions, I’d love to hear them. Please email me at niel@hardestquest.com